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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer at Our Thrilling Obstacle Course!

Are you ready for the ultimate test of strength, speed, and teamwork? Look no further! Our heart-pounding obstacle course offers a series of exhilarating challenges that will push you to the limit while you beat the clock. Whether you're a lone warrior or part of a dynamic team, this is your chance to prove your mettle while having an absolute blast! And great for family fun days out.

What We Offer:
- A blend of man-made and natural obstacles that encompass running, climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming, and balancing elements.
- The perfect blend of excitement, camaraderie, and outdoor adventure for fantastic team-building experiences.

Suitable for All Ages:
This experience is tailored to individuals aged 7 and up, making it a fantastic opportunity for family outings, friends, or group gatherings.

An Outdoor Escape:
All activities take place in the breathtaking beauty of the forest, providing a truly immersive and refreshing experience.

Dress for Success:
Don't forget to dress warmly and equip yourself with the right footwear to conquer our challenges in style!

Secure Your Adventure:
Reserve your spot now! We offer flexible booking options for both mid-week and weekend sessions, ensuring you can find the perfect time to conquer the Assault Course - Forest Fitness.

1-Hour Assault Course with Instructor:
Gather a group of at least 8 participants, and get ready for an action-packed adventure! It's just £15 per person. For larger groups, please reach out to us for a personalized quote.

Get ready to push your limits, create lasting memories, and have an absolute blast at our obstacle course! Book your adventure today, and embark on a thrilling journey of excitement and accomplishment.

Or you can Opt for the birthday package plus! 

This includes a choice of one Combat sport, for one hour of Nerf wars/Lazer combat/Gel blasters, and a one-hour party package to include an Inflatable slide assault course/Sumo wrestling/TugOwar.


  • Suitable for age 7 years upwards
  • Appropriate Clothing: To ensure your safety and comfort, please come dressed in warm clothing and wear suitable footwear. We recommend comfortable athletic wear and sturdy, closed-toe shoes or sneakers to navigate the course with ease.
  • Group Size: If you plan to book the 1-hour Assault Course with an instructor, ensure you have a minimum of 8 participants. If you have a larger group, please inquire for pricing and availability. It's essential to meet the minimum group size requirement for this particular experience.

What's Included?

  • Obstacle Challenges: You'll have access to a variety of engaging and thrilling obstacle challenges that combine man-made and natural elements, including running, climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming, and balancing. These challenges are designed to test your physical and mental capabilities.
  • Instructor (For 1hr Assault Course): When you book the 1-Hour Assault Course experience, an experienced instructor will guide you and your group through the course, providing guidance, tips, and ensuring your safety. Their expertise adds an extra layer of support and excitement to your adventure.
  • Team-Building Opportunities: Our obstacle course is an excellent setting for team-building activities. You can enjoy the benefits of improved teamwork, communication, and camaraderie as you conquer challenges together.
  • Outdoor Forest Setting: All activities take place in the serene and natural environment of the forest, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors. It's a unique and refreshing backdrop for your adventure, providing a memorable experience beyond the obstacles themselves.
  • Toilets available on-site
  • We can run extra sessions at a time to suit you. If you can’t easily find the date you’re after please contact us and we will be happy to help.
£15.00 / person

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