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Things to do in Northern Ireland, Gel Blaster is a safer modern alternative to airsoft and BB guns.

One-hour Gel Blaster session offers £12 with unlimited ammo and marshal lead gameplay.

GEL BLASTER is a family-friendly and incredibly inexpensive alternative to Nerf guns, airsoft, and paintball. GEL BLASTER guns fire ‘gel/water ammo’. The ammo starts as small absorbent beads that expand when soaked in water, when fired, the ammo easily bursts on low impact. This means they’re safe in skirmish battles and target shooting with little to no mess (the ammo dries to practically nothing after use). Do not stain clothing. Players are welcome to bring their guns and orbeez, for a walk-on player this is only £5. And suitable for 8 years plus. Instead of sitting in a chair letting a video game control your fun, come to Forest Fitness NI in Carrickfergus for some adrenaline-pumping, live-action! You and your friends can breathe in the fresh air of our private woodlands, Or on our battle bus double-decker bus map.

Or you can Opt for the birthday package plus! 

This includes a choice of one Combat sport, for one hour of Nerf wars/Lazer combat/Gel blasters, and a one-hour party package to include an Inflatable slide assault course/Sumo wrestling/TugOwar. Find us at Gel Blasters Forest Fitness NI



  • Participants must be 8+ years old and taller than 110cm
  • Bookings must be made in advance
  • We recommend suitable footwear such as trainers or walking boots
  • We recommend wearing flexible clothing that allows arm movement
  • If any of the group members are aged under 16 years we will need at least two adults to accompany the group

What's Included?

  • Introductions to the equipment and initial kitting up
  • Your very own friendly and dedicated instructor to oversee your day
  • Toilets available on-site
£12.00 / person

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